Snacks To Satisfy Your Drunk Cravings

Ever come home from a fantastic night of drinking only to realize you’re absolutely starving? It’s too late to order in, and your Uber driver was not willing to pick up Taco Bell on the way home, and so you’re left on your own to fill stomach. Finding a snack heavy enough to battle the oncoming hangover and easy enough to make without too much effort can make your head spin worse than the vodka. But, there are easy-to-make snacks that don’t require more than two or three ingredients that are agree with your stomach and your lowered level of coordination.

Nothing beats nachos. Towers of melted gooey cheese and crunchy chips are the perfect combination and all you need is a microwave. If you’re feeling up to it throw on some sour cream and left-over taco meat from taco Tuesday. If you want to make it better go ahead and throw some Doritos under that delicious, bubbling melted pile of golden cheese. Treat yourself to something better than plain old tortilla chips. And viola, a microwaved one-dish masterpiece that’s easy to make, easy to clean up, and packed full of protein and carbs to help stop the room from spinning once you’re full enough to fall face first into your couch cushion.

Speaking of cheese, who doesn’t love good old mac and cheese? Taking all of five minutes, some butter, and only two seconds of concentration to open that cheese packet. Ten minutes and you’re set, but don’t let the instructions stop you from adding something better to the mix. Crumble some chips in there and add an extra crunch between bites of noodles.

If you think all that vodka goes better with something sweet over savory grab a jar of Nutella and go to town. Dip some graham crackers or strawberries or even pretzels; adding peanut butter to the mix makes everything taste twice as good. You’ll be full, satisfied, and won’t have to worry about cleaning up a giant mess in the morning.

Nobody can deny how ridiculously delicious something as simple as a bag of potato chips tastes when you’re five gin and tonics deep, but why stop at just one flavor? Whatever chips you have lying in your kitchen can be transformed into a party style chexmix, and all you need is a bowl. Pretzels, potato chips, Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, and everything in between can be combined to make the perfect drunk snack when you don’t feel like doing anything more than dumping bags of chips into a bowl. Get creative. Have leftover M&Ms from Halloween sitting in your closet collecting dust? Throw them in the bowl. Just crumbs left in that bag of Hot Cheetos from earlier? Throw them in. Avoid waste, avoid dishes, and avoid waking up hung over and starving.

Ice cream sundae. Being able to drink doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you’re a child. Besides kids have the best food anyways. Chocolate syrup and a bowl full of ice cream can cure all the problems drinking didn’t. If you’re not feeling the effort of grabbing a bottle of chocolate syrup or don’t have any to begin with just pop the spoon under warm water for a few seconds and dig that sucker right into the pint. Or gallon. Another snack you can add toppings to or just eat by itself with less effort than it takes to change into pajamas.

If you’re taking a well deserved night off or just enjoying a night in with yourself, a bottle, and Netflix make sure you give sober-you a chance at a good morning and don’t go to bed hungry.